Hey! Looking for a Condominium? Confused between the Trump Towers and Experion Windchants? Here's your one step solution.

If we talk about the Development versus nature debate, Haryana has truly balanced the dilemma. We can find both green paddy fields and high rise buildings. A state which meets the food needs of India, also caters to the luxurious needs. The state which is said to be the place from where Lord Brahma created the universe, offers two phenomenal, magnificent skyscrapers: The Trump Towers and The Experion Windchants.

Talking about the Trump Towers Gurgaon, it can be your next 'Trump card'. Apart from all the great features, it has a 47 storey high rise, with India's first enclosed and temperature controlled pool inside the boundary. They provide you with a cafe, a restaurant, a bar, on call chef but also a gym and on call nurse. The kids can play in the kids club while you can enjoy the weather in a private music room Or visit the art gallery with your special one.

If you are a Gourmand, you get a Culinary temple where you can get the cuisines across the globe. No worries, the elevator opens directly to your bedroom.

They offer you 3 and 4 BHKs and also a breathtaking view of Gurugram as its 3 sides are covered with glass. Stucking in the traffic turns of mood, so now fly away or give a sudden visit to your child's school, because both the airport and schools are in the periphery. On days when you don't want to even wake up, a spa Or a Meditation Or a game of Squash, chess, bowling, badminton may uplift your mood.


Also, now you can watch unlimited horror films without worrying if the ghost peeps in, because the flats are Vaastu Compliant. Your kids, old aged parents, specially abled ones are safe with the 4 tier security and a Sniffer dog available at your service, with CCTv camera surveillance 24×7.

Hurry up! You now can get a Subvention from the ICICI bank, before it's gone. To know more, visit their official website.

If we now discuss about The Experion Windchants, these are Asia's largest skyscrapers. The design is exclusively based on Saptarshi, the constellation which is a guiding star. The tower is placed in a manner which can cut your electricity bills, because it has natural air conditioning and maximizes daylight. Since it's a 100 % FDI project, you get the best features from abroad, too. Apart from Flats, it provides you with Penthouses, Villas and many more.

To uplift your mood, it has a Mini Theater, cafeteria, garden with a sitting, gym and what not. The kids also can safely play in the parks inside the boundary. The airport is nearby. The location is some meters away from Delhi and all the magnificent shopping malls in Gurgaon. It also has an International Convention Center, who knows the next India-Pak bilateral meeting can be held over there! It is also close to a Diplomatic Area, which can be an alternative center to the Raisina Dialogue. It offers you 2,3,4 and 5 BHK flats which can be enough for our huge indian families. It's got a Barbeque area where you can talk endlessly with your friends, grill the chicken as well as your family while enjoying kebabs.

The builders are L&T on whom one can trust blindly. To contribute for a greener future, it has a Biodiversity Pond which also has aesthetic values, too. You can also dream good, lying on an open air jacuzzi, I mean why shouldn't one?

The overall design of the skyscraper is appealing. There's something so good about the aura and the ambience that you fall in love with the place because the developers have a family centric thought process. While your children can play, you can enjoy at the poolside or at the bar because there's CCTV to take care of. The elevation reached up to the terrace which is a relief for the aged ones. And with the Diplomatic centers coming around, the place becomes rich with values, culture and integrity. The cost of the flats are highly reasonable, go get them before they're gone. To know more, visit their official website.

Some Other Projects

The amenities they provide are more or less similar. Both have:-

  • CCTV camera surveillance
  • Bar
  • Pool
  • Kids' play area
  • High speed WiFi
  • Gym
  • Jogging area
  • Shopping malls and markets
  • Atm
  • Theaters
  • Security
  • Elevation
  • High speed water supply
  • Location is also great
  • Gaming area


  1. The Trump Towers have a Sniffer dog, which is way better than the electronic surveillance, which will even make the area explosion free.
  2. The Trump towers have better ratings in most of the selling sites.
  3. The Windchants have a little affordable prices.
  4. The Trump Towers are Vaastu compliant.
  5. The Experion is in the vicinity of a diplomatic and international convention center which can have great values.
  6. The Trump tower has a culinary temple where one gets cuisines from all over the world.
  7. The Windchants offer Penthouses and Villas, apart from flats.
  8. The Windchants have 5BHK too.

In India, housing is not only a basic necessity. It's an asset and also the measure of one's success or failure. Home is not only mud and bricks, it's an emotion and is crafted with love and humility. By choosing any one of the above mentioned buildings, you would not love to leave home and will miss it wherever you go, be it Paris or to the Northern Lights. It's not only a place to reside, they will provide you with an exclusive lifestyle which is nowhere else to be found. With a home where there are 4 and 5 BHKs, there's no intervention to your teenager kids' personal space or your official works or even the house help can get a room around. Even if you're away from home, you're guaranteed that your family is safe with the 24×7 CCTV surveillance. Both the locations have gaming zones, gym and jogging areas. They offer you Bar and Restaurant, market places and ATMs. In a nutshell, it's a township created of its own. There's nothing better any other projects can offer. Gurgaon, being one of the greatest and fastest developing regions of India and even the world, living here can be commanding and gainful.

*Please let me know about your valuable reviews, about which building is better or which one has more important amenities?

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