Gurugram is called as a city which has something for all. It has lately become the IT hub, the construction and real estate hub and also the city which has better qualities than its periphery. The real estate developers and companies are choosing Gurugram over and over again. Even if the real estate gurgaon market has been hit profoundly by the pandemic, the market here has already coped up a lot. A recent report by says that 51% of the houses sold in the second quarter of FY2022 fall in the category of ?1 crore and above. 

Why has Gurugram been the hotspot for real estate Gurgaon trade for years now? 

  • For India's booming startup culture and entrepreneurial spirit, the area is well equipped. 
  • With the IT sector looking large, Gurgaon has been the choicest place for the real estate Gurgaon investors. 
  • High speed metro services and connectivity
  • State of the art infrastructure
  • High end Logistical services which reduce the operational cost of the companies have together made Gurgaon the best place for real estate Gurgaon to develop overnight. 

The New integrated licensing policy and how it has become a boon for the real estate Gurgaon companies. 

With the government launching the New Integrated Licensing Policy, the aspirations of the farmers, government and real estate Gurgaon companies have been pacified. The farmers now can give up their lands to the real estate Gurgaon companies at the current market prices which have an advantage. It increased the land area for more apartments to rise and shine. With more land capital, the real estate companies come with unique houses for everyone who has a passion for living a life of luxury. The apartments include features from the foreign land too. Many real estate company owners are now investing in India as it has a huge land potential. For example, the Trump Property of Donald Trump Junior has been developing the Trump Towers Gurgaon, The Experion Windchants is the one of the luxurious residence in Gurgaon, another one is Central Park Sky Villas, which offers the best penthouses in real estate Gurgaon market and many more real estate projects.

Now when one can have land on which the projects are erected, the real estate Gurgaon companies offer a world of amenities starting from a spa, music theater, pool, and so on, thus making Gurgaon India's Millenium city. 

Gurgaon and The Start Up Culture. 

Startups are crucial in bringing economic and societal growth and also helps in bringing a responsible change in the society. They are catalysts for economic growth both locally and globally. With more than 1500 start up companies in Gurgaon, it has become now a goldmine. Start-up companies are so widespread there which has increased the per capita income of the people and also led to increased quality of lifestyle.With the startups booming over there, there is always an increased need for commercial plots which again increase the demand for the real estate Gurgaon companies to intervene. 

Gurgaon, The Core of Possibilities. 

With the region so developed with all state of the art technology and connectivity, the NRIs have also started to invest more and more, apart from the real estate Gurgaon business. In the first quarter of FY2022, the investment went up to USD 14.9 billion. The region is connected with the Sohna Road, Dwarka ExpressWay, home to all good schools and universities, hospitals and also in the vicinity of the Delhi NCR and Noida. Gurgaon has good roads and all other basic amenities which lure the foreign companies all over the world. The region has also been marked safe in comparison to Delhi and Noida for women and children too. There are seldom cases of theft and robbery but apart from these, the region is as secure as a bank locker. 

People from all the age groups are now shifting to Gurgaon. It has major potential for talents and a huge source of opportunities. If Bangalore is called the Silicon Valley of India, Gurgaon can be called the Switzerland of India, where maximum people love to stay and continue living for the rest of their lives. 

Gurgaon is near the Orbital Rail corridor which connects it to all the major cities of Delhi NCR. It reduces the cost of transportation and any logistics damage to the commodities. The Kundli Manesar Paliwal bypass is also under construction which will again lead to hassle free travel. Gurgaon is also connected to the Delhi Mumbai Freight Corridor which is again a boon for the transportation across states.

With all these good qualities, anyone on the earth would love to have a home in Gurgaon, which is well connected, spacious, safe and has so many chances for every talent. The focal point of IT, Education, Fintech companies have been shifting towards Gurgaon now. The region gives a boost to the Aatmanirbhar Bharat Initiative of the Government of India. With Make in India and Startup India schemes, the place is getting more and more attention. 

Some Other Projects In Gurgaon

Gurgaon and its Futuristic Goals. 

Gurgaon has immensely contributed to the aspects of Indian Foreign Policy. Our foreign policy has since long focused on the aspects of Self reliance and import substitution. With the basic amenities in place which reduces the cost of transportation and other operational costs, and as the hub of real estate Gurgaon companies which immensely contribute to the GDP of India, we no longer need to borrow capital or any defense equipment from the foreign lands. Real Estate Gurgaon contributes almost 7% to the GDP, which will increase to 13% by 2025. With more and more spaces to live in and at such affordable rates, people are keen on earning more and more and also, thus directly and indirectly contributing to the Self Reliant goal of independent India. 

Thus, we can rightly say that the world is in Gurgaon now. Gurgaon is brimming with all the best chances one can ever have in the real estate Gurgaon sector. One can take a chance and buy a property, for it will not depreciate like a car or AC but its value would increase like Gold and Diamonds. Real estate Gurgaon is an asset in Gurgaon and will be in the coming years, too. 

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