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The Oberoi is looking to build projects on a golf course extension road, it’s a fantastic place to spend some time. The ideal location for spending quality time with friends and family while on vacation is home. It features the most innovative architecture and the highest quality architectural design, both of which contribute to the property’s status as an Oberoi Realty Signature. Oberoi aims to build luxurious properties in Gurgaon.

A yearning to create for yourself an ideal universe that is miniature and specific to you. A secure retreat in which you are free to unwind at any time that suits you. The Oberoi Realty flats at this Gurgaon property are designed in such a way that they are sure to meet the requirements of any and all possible tenants thanks to their thoughtful sizing and compact planning.

The large and broad development known as Oberoi Realty in Golf Course Extension may be found on green land and spread out across the area. Providing as many living spaces as possible that are equipped with not just one but multiple amenities enhance living conditions and overall well-being. Not only is it a place to sleep at night, but it is also a place to make precious memories and remember every single day of one's life. There are a lot of conveniences close to all of your needs, and they are surrounded by green plants.

The ground-breaking Oberoi Realty establishment can be found in Gurgaon. It is a luxury real estate establishment. You will have a fresh and esteemed opportunity, provided by The Oberoi Realty, to live in gorgeous residences and treat yourself. This developer has a fantastic track record of working and delivering projects on schedule.

Advantages of Oberoi Realty Location

The Oberoi Realty Project's convenient location in the city center exceeds your expectations in many ways. An experience that lasts a lifetime and gives one access to the best aspects of every possible planet. In the Gurgaon neighborhood of Sector 58, it offers residential flats with 2, 3, and 4 BHK for sale. Oberoi Realty has a great location that would include our residences, places of employment, schools for our children, renowned hospitals, entertainment centers, favorite restaurants, shopping centers, and so on. Everything and all significant places would ideally be within the shortest distance possible from one another. And even if they aren't right around the corner, they aren't hard to get to.

Oberoi Realty in Sector 58 Gurgaon is also included in the list of projects that are considered to be among the most desirable and linked in the city. When you live in close proximity to key arterial roads, it's much easier to go to commercial districts like the Central Business District, Industrial Zone, and Business Zone. Access to leisure and shopping centers, in addition to medical facilities, is made easier. You can also get to North and East Gurgaon quickly by using the metro station that is right next to the development.

With the Sohna Road and the Golf Course Extension Road in close proximity, Oberoi Realty Gurgaon is situated in a prime area of Gurgaon. Experts in the real estate industry predict that this area will spur significant real estate market activity and also help to facilitate the growth of related industries. If you put money into the project, you'll benefit in more ways than one. Apartments in Oberoi Realty Gurugram come in a variety of sizes, from 2 to 4 bedrooms. You'll be grateful that the apartments on this community-spread land have been created to provide you with your own piece of land in a famous city like Gurgaon, and you'll be delighted by the high standard of living with excellent facilities and the safety measures of apartment life. The projected Metro Station and other impressive infrastructure add to the already alluring setting at Golf Course & Arrival View. The area's close proximity to National Highway-8 further improves the area's accessibility to public services. The ten acres of green space in the Oberoi Realty building in Gurgaon gives residents a subtle but real sense of luxury.

Oberoi Realty’s every project-Each apartment here is a unique blend of forward-thinking architecture and tried-and-true ideas for a tranquil, environmentally friendly abode. You can expect the same meticulous planning, high quality craftsmanship, and expert building techniques throughout the entire complex, from the exterior to the interior of the residences. Strict quality standards and a rock solid reputation for reliability are hardwired into every level of the organization. The construction of the Oberoi Apartments in Gurgaon heralds a new era of understated elegance, convenience, and sophistication for the people of the Delhi–National Capital Region. A potent cocktail of the finest amenities 

Oberoi Realty Major Projects

Oberoi Realty has created various notable landmarks over the years, Here are a few examples:

Priviera is a landmark development in one of Mumbai's most affluent neighborhoods, providing residents with a boutique level of service and amenities. The Priviera by Oberoi Realty project's architectural design was completed by the award-winning Singaporean firm Guz Architects, and the structural design was completed by another Singaporean firm, Meinhardt. The project site is convenient to major transportation hubs like the local and international airports and the Arabian Sea. All apartments have their own floor, there are various parking levels and car lifts, there is plenty of natural light and airflow, and the building boasts a display flat designed by Sussanne Khan of The Charcoal Project.

Prisma by Oberoi Realty is a landmark development where residents may find large, elegantly constructed 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom residences with generous outdoor space. The project is located on the Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road and features a beautiful landscape. To its occupants, the development provides convenient access to the Western Express Highway and a wide range of high-quality amenities and services.

Located in Goregaon East, just off the Western Express Highway, is the 80-acre residential development, Oberoi Woods. Naturalists will appreciate the eco-friendly floor plans and stunning views of the Aarey Greens that are included in the development. Fine detailing, cutting-edge building methods, and cutting-edge architectural planning all characterize this project.


Some Projects Located On Golf Course Extension Road.

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