Elan Paradise is one of the most benefiting and awaited commercial properties in Gurgaon. It instantly became a very hot topic in the real estate market when it was announced as a global project.When it comes to talking about commercial projects, there are multiple commercial projects in the bag but One of the most talked-about commercial projects that have been making headlines is the Elan Paradise Sector 50 Gurgaon project that is being launched by the very prestigious Elan Group.The Elan Group's awaited project: Elan paradise layout has been designed by the leading UHA London, which are the most respected designer in the world.

  • 24*7 Security – The security of the area will be utmost Priority and various modern techniques are used to keep the area safe where owners can be assured to keep their shops open.

  • Adequate parking space – This project is spread across various acres, and there will be no shortage of parking spaces.

  • Water and power backup – People in the commercial area will never have to worry about water shortage or  electricity.

  • Air-conditioned infrastructure - The entire area shall be centrally air conditioned( that is VRV attached).

  • Fitness Centres – Everyone can enjoy the services of the gym, club, fitness centers, yoga center, etc.

  • Food Court, bars and restaurants – There will be numerous eating options places available for everyone with a huge variety of delicacies.

  • Spa, exotic sauna – People can enjoy a spa time or an exotic sauna whenever they want to.

  • We can assure you that your weekends in this area will be marvellous and worth spending our time and money on different luxury brands that are nowhere to be found in Gurgaon.

  • It is Well Connected to Golf Course Extension Road Gurugram.

  • A person can reach Sohna Road, NH-8 connecting to Delhi & Faridabad within a few minutes

  • It is surrounded by more than 10,000 residential families closely with gardens and malls.

  • Popular IT Hubs, educational sectors, and MNCs companies located nearby are very accessible.

  •  There are extensive facilities for public  transport around the area and very well connected to various bus stations like buses and metro.

  • Multiple companies are located around the area.

  • There are enormous shopping complexes around the area.

  • The new project is surrounded by prestigious schools as well.

  • Retail shops are one of the biggest spotlight of the place.

  • Located in Sector 50, Nirvana Country Gurgaon which is the hub of residential area surrounded with atmost 20,000 families.


  • It is one of the most economical projects in the coming years.

  • It has 24/7 security available at all times to keep it more active at night.

  • One of the most enormous commercial spaces that shall offer a space to various retail shops and offices be it  MNC’s  or start-ups

  • The place shall have various luxury brands and shall become one of the leading shopping centers in Gurugram.

  • Multiple measures have been taken to keep the place highly clean and also efficient at the same time.

  • They want to be known as a real estate company who always generates a good quality product and who takes care of the needs of its buyers and who introduces brand new concepts with amazing technology.

  • They want to contribute to INDIA to be known as a developed country by building real estates that can be recognised by the world.


Elan Paradise Sector 50 is a RERA applied commercial-type project spread over 4 acres of land. The size of the units starting from 300 - 1200 sq. ft. and shall be possessed before December 2024.

Elan Paradise Floor Plan - White Collar Realty has mentioned Elan Paradise Price List below according to the floor plan of the property.

 Price List Elan Paradise

Information about Elan Group

Elan Group is one of the most prestigious projects till date dealing with various residential and commercial properties all around India. Elan Group is basically the head project of them all and Elan Paradise is one of the many projects under them. It aims to give quality living in every aspect and tries to achieve every luxurious need their buyers want in this modern world.

Elan, since its beginning, stood for -Satisfying the needs of its buyers and building the future. The group deals in a wide range of properties from hospitality sector to real estate. They have highly trained and experienced architects, designers, and engineers who create a project with deep thinking and creativity and they use the best ever material to give their buyers anything beyond their expectations. They have a record of always delivering a  project within a time limit and of good quality.


Elan Paradise Country Commercial Project in Sector 50 Gurgaon

Commercial Properties are known to be a steady cash flow investment. Investors want to invest their money in a place where they get the maximum return of their money. Also, the Return on Investment on Commercial Properties is way more than Residential Properties.

Elan Paradise is one of the most invested properties in Gurgaon and it will make the audience more attracted towards it seeing how much money they are putting in a project and buyers will automatically be attracted.

FAQ’s About Elan Paradise Gurgaon


What is the Price of Elan Paradise, Sector 50 Gurgaon?

The price varies accordingly from various floors. The pricing that is Lower & Upper ground Floor starts from  52,750/- Per Sq Ft., the First floor starts with Rs. 34,750/- Per Sq Ft and Food Courts starts with Rs. 29,750/- Per Sq Ft. Price .

Is there any booking price we need to pay to buy a shop in Elan Paradise?

To book the shop in Elan paradise, one needs to pay the booking amount i.e. Rs. 5 lakhs.

What other projects done by the Elan group?

Elan group has launched variety of projects like Elan Mercado, Elan Epic, Elan Town Centre, Elan Miracle etc. Elan Sector 66 is also on the way to launch. 

What is the construction status of Elan Paradise, Nirvana Country Sector 50 Gurugram?

Currently, the property is under construction.  

When will the project be hand over?

 Elan Paradise is under construction and  will be given in December 2024.

What is the total area covered by the Elan project in Nirvana Country?

The Total area of Elan Paradise is 4 acres that have ample parking space to park approx 1200 cars.

Elan Paradise is a commercial project or residential property?

Elan Paradise is a commercial project. Most of  the projects launched by the Elan group are commercial in existence. 

How is Elan Paradise Review?

The project has all the features which is required to be a successful project and had everyone their eyes on.

How can we get the project Information in Detail and Elan Paradise Brochure?

You can get the Elan Paradise Brochure from this link : https://whitecollarrealty.com/commercial_property/elan-paradise

What is the Elan Paradise RERA number ?

H-RERA registration no. 15 of 2021


There are very few properties which altogether which have high ROI and lucarative inestment plan. Elan Paradise is one of them most awaited project and will be very successful in the coming time. Do not miss the opportunity to let go of this wonderful project.


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